Tracking skin markers

Hi there,
I’m working on a project where I need to label key points on the body (for example knuckles).
I’m free to paint anything on the body. Computation time is not a factor.
I originally tried to draw dots in different colors but I had a hard time working with them (they were very sensitive to lighting conditions and reflection angles).

What is the best strategy in your opinion to identify key points on the body?

Edit: To clarify, my goal is to use the labels as training data for a corresponding depth image, so I can’t stick things that change the topography or may hinder the performance a structured light depth camera.

if this is an arts and crafts question, I’d get retroreflective sticky foil and place small dots of that. then use some nominal illumination from right around the camera lens. retroreflective surfaces will light up. these markers have no identity so you’ll have to track them over time. their relative distances to each other can help disambiguate what’s what. the higher the frame rate, the smaller the displacement, which makes tracking (association) easier.

Thanks @crackwitz , I’ll look into it. I edited my post with my goal and limitations.