Trying to make my first contribute But get some problem about src tree

English is not my first language, if I make any spelling errors, forgive me, please.

I have read but this is my first try to contribute to a huge real-world project, so I have some problem. Here is what I did

I am on win10 plantform, I read some post said that I can cmake this project then I have a .sln file so that I can programming in vs2022 IDE, it looks like:

I open .sln in VS, randomly pick up a src file, edit a tiny issue then I found, these file is exactly in build floder which not index by git
(new user cannot upload multi image, the file path is D:\opencv\build\3rdparty\ippicv\ippicv_win\iw\include\iw++ )

are they upstream project src file? Where should I start from? any advice?
thanks in advance!

within the github repo ? not at all
(you’re supposed to (re)build those, using cmake, locally)
((also, only a few people might use the same ide/env than you …))
so, those should not be part of your contribution (src code, only)

what exactly are you trying to contribute ?
can you give us a link to your effort ?
we probably can help better, if we see, what you’re doing …

you’re not supposed to edit anything inside the build folder

apart from that, the ippicv code will get downloadede “as is” from here and i personally doubt, that the intel folks maintaining this are even accepting contributions

thanks for your reminding, I have figured out the project src tree now :slight_smile: