Tutorials of adding environmental variable to system path

it is the first time i learn opencv,so it may sound like a stupid question.
i’ve finished setting the OpenCV environment variable by enter "setx -m OPENCV_DIR…"and it seemed like it worked.
Then I was stuck at adding it to the systems path.

one says that i should add the bin folders path to the systems path,
yet another says i should add the opencv library path to this.
But what is the opencv library?I only know the bin folders path instead
And how could i add "%OPENCV_DIR%\bin"to the path?right clicking didnt work.
so what should i do exactly?https://docs.opencv.org/4.x/d3/d52/tutorial_windows_install.html#tutorial_windows_install_path[https://docs.opencv.org/4.x/d3/d52/tutorial_windows_install.html#tutorial_windows_install_path]
thanks for ur selfless help!

the wording is confusing. both sentences mean the same thing: the bin directory, where all the DLLs are. this needs to be added to PATH.

just hit the Win key, type “path” into the search box, and it’ll offer to “edit the system environment variables”