Understanding of a quiz question

I have the following question
Face detection aims at just detecting the faces given an input image, whereas face recognition aims at find the person that correspongding face belongs to. There is a similar problem referred to as Face Verficiation which verifies whether the given fce belonds to the given person or not. Imagine a database of 100 people and you have trained the face recoginition model and face verification model for attendence at your company. What is the number of classes in both problems?

a) Face Verification 100, Face Recognition 100
b) Face Verification 2, Face Recognition 100
c) Face Verfication 100 Face Recognition 2
d) None

I am confused by the question.
If you have trained your model then you should have the descriptors for 100 people and then you would need to verify 100. Classes what does that mean? categories so people that belong to the company and do not belong. If that is the case then I lean to option b.
I am not sure and would to hear what the community thinks