Understanding Vegetation Indices

Hello, I have found these soil salinity indices: S1 = (Blue)/(Red) and S2 = (Red*NIR)/(Green) from google searching. When I apply these equations in the related images. More specifically, when I implement S2 and get a new image. How can I figure out from the end result colors where in the image is the soil salinity higher and where the soil salinity is lower, in the image?

sorry to say so, but your post, as it is now, does not make much sense,

can you give us at least, a link to those equations, example images, and the code you’ve tried ?

I have used opencv to extract the bands and implement the equations, but I need to know where in the image I have lower and greater salinity…I will do the implementation with opencv in python…As you see the equations what do you figure out?

we have no idea about “salinity” here.
please, again, give us links for what you’re talking about

(and show us, what you’ve done, so far)

post some data. post the individual color planes as grayscale.