Is there any LAI (leaf area index) so that I can discriminate greenish water from green leaves?

I have UAV .tif images of a field plant where the plants are flooded with greenish water (soil is not observable). Is there any leaf area index so that I can discriminate the green leaves from the greenish water? Is there any other solution with opencv usage to discriminate those 2 things? I believe that water reflects differently the light than the leaves…

can you explain, how you expect it to work ?

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I think that because greenish water is liquid vs. leaves that are solid, maybe they reflect different wavelengths of the spectrum. So that I can discriminate them…

i doubt that you can use that to discriminate anything in an image

imo, you misread something.
if you can discriminate leaves, you can calculate LAI, but not the other way

please actually show us an image.