Using opencv to track change over time

So I am trying to write a program to see the change in two images over time (images are attached bellow) I want the program to see change in color and shape. The two images change some color and some parts of the pipe are changed. If anyone could walk me through on how to do it, that would be great! Thanks!

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I always like attached images but

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Sorry about that. Will attach them now. Love the green screen :smiley:


So I need to scan the two images and identify the areas of change

perspectives changed.

coral colonies aren’t planar in general.

you have to make sure the camera is exactly the same and positioned exactly the same, or you’ll need to mount registration markers that stay there, or else the problem becomes a lot harder.

you’ll also have to deal with the non-planar nature of these things.

basically, you need point clouds and that means depth vision.

if you’re sure these things are mostly planar, you could get away with exact same perspectives.