Using OpenCV with a dual infrared and normal camera

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to access both the IR (night vision) and VIS (normal mode) from this camera: via OpenCV?

My concern is basically due to the fact that OpenCV chooses the feed from code which looks something like this:
cv::VideoCapture cap = cv::VideoCapture(0);

However, I don’t know if the code will be able to differentiate if the feed is the night vision or normal feed?

I just need to know if it’s likely to be accessible because I haven’t bought it yet, so even if it’s just hightly likely accessible, that’ll be good enough for me.


where does it say that the device provides multiple different feeds?

to me this looks like one sensor. likely its optical filter allows IR through, but that’s all.

Hi Crackwitz,

Here’s a demo video:

The thing is, it’s WiFi-accessed. I’ve yet to find if there is an SDK to work with it to make it easier to interface with OpenCV.

I could try, but I would also be quite happy to get some alternatives which I’m quite likely to be able to settle down with.

The important thing is: it has both normal and night vision, and hopefully easily interfaced with OpenCV without being too hacky-wacky about it.


that is just IR lighting + turning the picture into grayscale

Oh snap.

Thanks. I’m gonna have to look for other types then.