When detecting a marker, fill a relative-positioned rectangle area below with an image

Good day,

I am a newbie in Python / OpenCV, I can only program in PHP/Mysql and I must say it is fairly different but so captivating I want to learn it.

I did my homework and found a few examples where an Aruco marker can be filled with an image.

But the situation I am trying is slightly different :
When the Aruco marker is detected, I want a separate rectangle, with pre-defined dimensions to be filled with the image, with that rectangle being positioned right at the bottom of that marker.

For my education, I’d love to find some example of that situation but I fail to find any. Could you guys please help me giving to me some hint / direction ?

Thanks a lot

have a look at the tutorial
you could try to find the bottom left corner, and draw something with an offset.

Thank you Berak,

Ubfortunately I do not know C++ and I am just starting with Opencv…
It would be great indeed to find some OpenCV tutorial about

realize that you have a lot of learning ahead of you.

if my guess is right, you need to know basic computer graphics, i.e. simple matrix math and 4x4 transformation matrices.

always (if possible) show your issue, only describe if the picture can’t show it.