Why functions of opencv 3.0 use GPU memory

Opencv Version: opencv 3.0 (install opencv-3.0.0.exe on windows10)
IDE: Vs2013

Try to run cv::resize(), and find a problem, program use 100M GPU memory.

Then try anothor funtions like cv::medianBlur, cv::threshold…

Why? And how to solve?

that is so outdated, your question is probably irrelevant today

what exactly do you want to solve ?
make it NOT use the gpu ?

OpenCL is a basic part of OpenCV. you could try disabling its use, if you don’t like it.



see if that does anything.

also watch whether the GPU does any computation when your OpenCV program runs.

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Because vs2013 is to be used in the project, opencv3.0 is the only choice.

Of course, make it not use the gpu memory