Why so blurry please?

Hi, I’ve tried all of the dnn_superres models, and although they work well with the example images such as the peppers etc, with my own images they just appear completely blurry, and are virtually identical or more blurry than bicubic.

Could anyone offer any tips why this could be? Perhaps I need to modify the input images in some way for better results?



CUBIC 4x (actually more detail retained!)

RealESRGAN Sharp but, not correct.

hmm, I think it can only cope with non anti-aliased input images. Going to have to learn to make my own models then! Let the fun commence.

Or can someone recommend a better option than dnn_superres? I’m quite new to this.

Another test with cubic versus lapsrn, both upscaled 8x from the same image:

Is it to be expected that often the models aren’t as good as cubic?