Wrinkle Measurement from face

I have 10K images, all unlabelled and raw, my task is to find the wrinkle score present on images.

Any hint how should I proceed, precision of algorithm I created is not very good, sometime it is working sometime it is not.

right now meauring the wrinkle is more like counting the number of edges on face.

Should I finally start thinking for neural network!

could you provide some sample images

just train a neural network to replicate the scoring that a human would give, then have humans label a couple/dozen/hundred pictures and see if that’s good enough.

Sure the images look like this

how about I label them binary one, and present the softmax output as percentage of wrinkles

@sankalp did you get any progress ?

Yes, opencv and dlib helped me in building the architecture, right now it is more statistic oriented, I will use deep learning arch to capture the wide variance of facial data, but that will not improve the recall without supervision learning.

For now job is getting done.

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