YOLOv8 DeepSORT servo tracking with mouse click

my yolov8 deepsort tracking with servo takes class and id to track particular object using bounding box centre but i want to track only that object tracked with deepsort on which i click and i can switch objects to track with another click
bbox_left = output[0]
bbox_top = output[1]
bbox_w = output[2] - output[0]
bbox_h = output[3] - output[1]

                    print(f"cls : {cls}, id : {id}")
                    if(names[int(cls)] == "cat" and id == 1):

                        c_x = bbox_left + int(bbox_w/2)
                        c_y = bbox_top + int(bbox_h/2)

since you already have the bbox / center, – why do you need to click anything ?

I am interested in the same thing.

If there is more than one detected object on the screen and you want to track a particular one, and switch to some other object later on a mouse click, how is itdone ?