Copyright on images of documentation?

Am I allowed to use images from the documentation in my bachelor thesis?

This one:

from this site:

and the image on the next page (Support Vector Machines for Non-Linearly Separable Data)?

Thank you in advance!

the documentation, being part of OpenCV, is under the same license as all of OpenCV (Apache-2 or BSD-3-clause).

either way, your country likely has laws that grant free use (no licensing/permission required) for academic purposes, as long as you cite the source of the material in some way (and you don’t copy-paste-“quote” entire books, which is clearly not applicable here).

I’m sure that anything like “OpenCV v3.4, documentation, Tutorials, Machine Learning, Introduction to Support Vector Machines”, or other version, perhaps with hyperlink, is more than sufficient.

Thank you very much for your fast reply. That helps a lot!