Deactivate ROI dragging in imshow

I’m working with imshow. When you zoom into a displayed image with your mouse wheel you can use the left mouse button to drag the ROI. As I am building an application on top of imshow this is really annoying. Can you deactivate this somehow?

yes, you can disable it.

this feature is only available with the QT enhanced functionality, which can be reset using:

cv2.namedWindow("mywin", cv2.WINDOW_GUI_NORMAL);


this sounds like a bad idea. opencv’s gui is a quick hack to visualize computer-vision results, not meant to build apps on top of it

Well on top just means annotating some data

cv2.namedWindow("mywin", cv2.WINDOW_GUI_NORMAL);

Is not what I want. It is quite hard to explain what I want. I don’t want to resize the window or drag around the window, but in the displayed image you can yoom in and out with the mouse wheel. When you are in a zoomed region you can use your mouse to drag the selected region. So for example you have zoomed into the top right corner of the image. Now you can hold the left mouse button to drag the ROI into the left top corner. This is quite annoying as I have my own mouse listener you detects dragging on the image.
I hope this made it a little more clear