Error while installing opencv

I am trying to install opencv in visual studio. I used cmake (3.18.5) and downloaded 2 zip files from github (opencv-master and opencv_contrib-master) and chose path of opencv-master folder for source code path and for build folder I add path of new folder named “build”. inside CMake I add path of opencv_contrib-master file to OPENCV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH and then generated the build folder. then inside of build folder I opened “OpenCV.sln” by visual studio and build solution in Debug and Release mode. up to here every thing was ok I guess. but now in Solution Explorer of visual studio there is a project named “INSTALL” in CMakeTargers and when I try to build this project to install opencv I get LNK 1181 erro ( can not open input file (FILE NAME : test_intrin512.avx512_skx.obj) I know that there is a file which is missing that there is linkage error but I am newbie and it’s the first time I’am using CMake. please tell me how should I solve this problem to install opencv inside visual studio.

Open your project in CMake GUI and search “test” key word and uncheck all items then Configure and Generate.

Ok if I do that I won’t get this particular error but I won’t be able to run any application in build/bin/Debugorbuild/bin/Release` directory and it means that something went wrong based tutorial of installation of this website

can you explain that ? (i don’t think, this is true)

@sataki.mostafa 's proposal was about disabling the tests only, any other application (including yours) should run fine.

ok just to get sure I deleted previous files and installed again opencv with unchecking the test as sataki.mostafa said.
now I have 65 project inside solution explorer and when I build Debug or Release there are some projects that being skipped for this case ( 56 projects successful and 9 project skipped ) and when I go to build directory and then to bin/Release or Debug there are only five application.

I have unchecked these lists :

I don’t even know why I have to uncheck theme ( they are not usefull?)

that’s ok ! (there are no more by default, opencv is a library, and you’re supposed to write your own prog using it)

however, enabling BUILD_EXAMPLES=ON in cmake will also build & install the c++ samples (and you’ll have a ton more vs projects)

so you mean it’s ok and could you explain why I was getting the error when I didn’t uncheck the " tests " and what is test ?
isn’t a library and what if someone need using this library ?
sorry I am very newbie and I am trying to do detection object project using c++ and I thought maybe it is usefull to have test in my project.