Fast bilateral solver function on android

I am trying to use the fast bilateral solver function on android but getting the following error

cv::Exception: OpenCV(4.5.1) /root/opencv_contrib/modules/ximgproc/src/fbs_filter.cpp:632: error: (-213:The function/feature is not implemented) createFastBilateralSolverFilter : needs to be compiled with EIGEN in function 'createFastBilateralSolverFilter’
I am using the contrib build from Directory listing for /export/opencv_releases/master-contrib_pack-contrib-android/

Any help would be appreciated.

you will need to download the eigen library
and rerun cmake (or your resp. py build script)

maybe it needs adjusting :


then rebuild the android opencv libs

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Thanks for your reply.
I don’t have any experience in building files from source. Can you please give me the link to some tutorial?

uhhm, how can you use the java bindings on ubuntu without building from src ? you must have done this before, no ?

No, I have not done that before. I found libraries that were already built.

ah, ok. clever move to use the buildbot artefacts :wink:

unfortunately, the tutorials are quite outdated.

you will need to run the script from here
you should also look at how the binaries you got were built

and sorry, can’t help much further, no android user here ;(