Faster object detection using Non-machine learning algorithms

Hello Every one,

I’m trying to implement some detection models which can detected an object very fast.

The concept is like, I’m using PTZ camera to detect the object and tracking . I will give Azimuth and elevation of target to PTZ camera. After that the camera should move to that particular Azimuth and Elevation and need to detect the object. object might be moving airplane/bird, once the algorithm detects any object I will apply classification algorithm for object classification.
please suggest me the best algorithm for this type of application.

The camera field of view may have different kinds of backgrounds(Tree/sky/both tree & sky/buildings etc.), even though the algorithm should detect any moving object detect.
The algorithm should detect the object very fast.
I’m trying to implement the detection model in python.
any pre implemented/OpenCV-python based detection algorithms are there for this type of applications…?
please suggest me the best object detection method.

is it a bird? is it an airplane? is it superman? what is it?

the more complex the object, the more complex the detection method has to be. complexity means variability of appearance and how similar it looks to background.

post a picture to give an impression.

what you want, does not exist.
please do some research on your own, before “asking around”

Thank you @crackwitz for your time on this.

Basically i want to detect any moving object, that should be a smaller sized object.
You can consider the object as drone also. like 0.3x0.2 meters size.