Finding the best camera with optimal API/openCV support

Hi y’all!

I have recently started a project where I need multiple IP camera’s to do some automated tests using computer vision. At first, I bought a HikVision camera that had great specs, but when I started coding, it turned bad quickly. The documentation was non-existent or just wrong and most of it did not support openCV so I had to write my own API calls using the documentation (where some where documented wrong). After all this, the camera was still not very robust to the parameter changes and the use of openCV.

I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations for a new camera that works well with openCV or has correct documentation? It should have an ethernet connection, preferably PoE.

I have looked at some dahua camera’s and they look promising, but I am afraid that in practice some things might also be not working correctly.

Thanks :pray: