Gsoc-2023 Contributor+Mentor Mailing List link is broken

I apologize if this is not the correct place to ask this question. Kindly direct me to appropriate chat/forum.

The mailing list link given on the gsoc-2023 wiki page - GSoC_2023 · opencv/opencv Wiki · GitHub for contributors to discuss the project with mentors is broken.

Can any of the moderators please provide the correct link

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I was also looking for mailing list when i stubbled upon this
not sure if this is the right mailing list. Do let me know if this is the correct one.

i found the slack channel : Slack
from this issue : ""

blast from the past, ignore it.

that should be the right one, it’s probably not set up yet. patience, dear … :slight_smile:


Hey @berak, I have a lot of interest in 2-3 projects that are being offered by OpenCV as a part of GSOC this year(2023) and would like to discuss with the mentors about the same and need a bit of guidance as well but am not sure what is the right channel for communication. Can you please help me by redirecting me to one of those?
The google group link for 2023 is not set up yet, as you said.

cautious, as what you see now, is just last years copypasted proposals …

and it wont open, probably, before you can actually apply …
have a look at last year’s timeline

Uh…oh, I think I misinterpreted, thanks for correcting me!