GSoc Missed deadline but - NeRF to 3D Objects,fbx, etc Nerfies on top of OpenCV( research paper attached)

Hey, I couldn’t select the project on time (due to exams) on the gsoc page but i had registered prior to the deadline.
However, i was wondering if there is a way to continue to contribute and get some compensation if i meet all the said requirements.

I’m building a NeRF to 3D Obj,fbx,etc app and saw one of the ideas mentioned in the GSoC was Nerf GSoC_2023 · opencv/opencv Wiki · GitHub

I’d love to help build something like NeRFies ( ) on top of OpenCv

I’ve worked with opencv in the past and built OCR through xmls - which didn’t work but i learnt a lot about parsing

in the next attempt i set out to make an Handsign to Audio generator but pivoted due to low quality data sets into a hand sign recognition model which used a basic segmentation, - I’ll have to revise the code again to remember all the details but it used color effects and basic wrapping to determine the number of fingers based on the vertices iirc.

ANYWAY CALLING ALL GSoC mentors to help an overambitious kid out and help him make his NeRF to 3D object program a reality!

A way to get the GSoc certificate - anything i can do from my end, I’m also a Google Student Developer Club cyber security domain lead and have good relations w everyone related to the gdsc
a compensation (only on completion of the project + following the same GSoC rules) of any sort would be of great help for me while pursuing this project!

Thanks in advance to whoever can figure something out!
p.s helppp Doug Lee, Gary Bradski

Third Year, B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication student, VJTI 2020-2024

even if you’re late, still post here for better visibility (and gl !)

Hey! thanks for getting back but i don’t have the permissions to post on that group anymore.

i stuck with this thread as it seemed the most appropriate.

Anyway to post/get the permission/get it posted on there?

so you used to have permission? what changed?

NB: do not slap random tags on your thread. they were not related to this thread. I’ve removed them.

Apologies for the wrong tags. I’ll be careful from now on.

Yes, the account through which i was supposed to submit the proposal had a button to submit the proposal but the page glitches out when using that account whereas with the account linked to my email id I’m able to view it but not Submit

I had requested access but idt it was accepted.

However I’ll still be working using OpenCV and fix whatever bugs I’m able to once my exams are over.