Help with file structure

I’m completely new and green to Raspberry pi and programming. I am trying to follow a tutorial on pyimagesearch,dot,com but I don’t understand the terminology of the file structure.
OpenCV – Stream video to web browser/HTML page this is the tutorial I’m trying to follow however I’m finding it very confusing, I have read it lots and lots of times but still unable to follow. I’m using Thonny IDE as my file editor

So would someone please simplify the file structure so a beginner would be able to follow.
I have looked on youtube for a video tutorial but sadly no one has done one (shame)

I have my first file (SingleMotionDetector) saved in my own folder in dir


your question sounds like you’re asking for general programming assistance. for any questions regarding that blog’s articles, please contact the author.

for specific issues with OpenCV or computer vision… that don’t require me to read that article and hundreds of lines of code… feel free to ask here.