How can I compile the face module from 'opencv_contrib' into 'opencv.js'?

docker run --rm --workdir /src -v "$(get-location):/src" "emscripten/emsdk:2.0.10" emcmake python3 ./platforms/js/ build_js --cmake_option="-DOPENCV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH=/path/to/opencv_contrib/modules/"

This command only compiles’ opencv_contrib ‘and will not be attached to the’ opencv.js’ file;
Or what should be configured in the ‘opencv_js. config. py’ file?

what exactly do you need from the face module ?

I need the ‘face_LBPHFaceRecognizer’ training model

please consider using opencv’s dnn module as a (better !) alternative
(you can use opencv.js straight from the box)