I can't use opencv extra modules like Eigenfaces, Fisherfaces etc

Hello, I’m trying to use opencv with the npm package opencv4nodejs, the installation process works fine but the problem is when I try to use some extra module of opencv like eigenfaces and fisherfaces.

When I try to use theses modules an error shows to me saying EigenFaceRecognizer is not a valid constructor, I don’t believe the error is with the npm package because de install works well.

When I use the cmake to install theses extra modules the eigen is not intalled, someone know what can I do?

The nodejs code.

those functions are from the face module from the opencv-contrib repository and the build you have doesn’t contain contrib

hello @crackwitz I have this face module inside my opencv build folder.

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try if cv.face.EigenFaceRecognizer exists? some of those functions might be namespaced.

support for the js face module is still in the making

When I log the cv.modules gives me that, and if I try to log cv.face gives me undefined, maybe I need to add the face module, but how can I do that, it’s not a default module of opencv?

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