I can't install face extra module in opencv

In my opencv sources modules folder I don’t have the face module, even after I configure the extra modules with the cmake gui.

So when I try to use the EigenfaceRecognizer of face module it gives me undefined error. Anyone know how can I handle this?

Face module is in opencv_contrib. delete cmakecache and clone opencv_contrib and update opencv and start cmake gui again. You will have to give path to opencv_contrib modules

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I deleted the cmakecache but the problem still continues, there’s another way to install external modules in opencv manually?

Has something to do with java wrappers false at cmake gui?


There is no problem here except if you need java binding. Do you need java binding?
Show us full cmakeoutput

I think I don’t need java binding, I need only the face module to use Eigen and Fisher recognizers.

I have posted some prints of the output of cmake on imgur
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

There is no problem : build opencv


your cmake screenshots say that the face module is among those “to be built”. you just haven’t done that (build OpenCV).

when you write your own programs, C++ or python doesn’t matter, you have no business being in the opencv/sources/modules directory. that directory stays as it is. configuring cmake to also use the contrib repo doesn’t change that.

@laurent.berger @crackwitz thanks for the answers, i don’t know exactly how to run the opencv build i went in this install and ran the command, but how can i know for sure that he installed the faces module for sure?

I’m running the opencv with the nodejs package opencv4nodejs and when I print the modules installed it doesn’t appears the face module.

Imgur: prints of the modules and install opencv

face examples should be in folder tools\opencv\build\install\x64\vc16\samples\face if you build opencv with sample

@laurent.berger Inside vc16 I don’t have samples.

You can use cmake gui to set BUILD_EXAMPLES

You must find opencv_face451.dll in bin folder

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