Why i am unable to access face module in the cv2.model

Why i am unable to access face module in the cv2.model

if you installed that via pip,

  • uninstall what you have now (important !)
  • pip install opencv-contrib-python

its still not working i want to acces face module from the cv2 module and also wants to accept LBPHFaceRecognizer_create() from face module . how can get it

so, what DID you do ?

ps: please dont post silly issues like this

as u said reinstalled it i did it, does any other thing that should i have to do?

DID you uninstall the prev. version ?
are you sure, there is only ONE python on your box ?



to see, what you actually installed

also, if on Linux:

$ pip3 list | grep opencv

or on Windows: pip list in a terminal, and then use your eyes to find opencv moduls

i did it , but i want to find the face module which is not present in the library. whats the main issue???
is i am doing something wrong? or the library doesnt have that particular module

the face module is not available in opencv file so that file is not access by you program can anyone send link to download that module