Opencv face lbphfacerecognizer error

Hi I am using opencv 3.0.0… and also tried newer and older versions…

But I am getting this error again and again…

error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "struct cv::Ptr<class cv::face::LBPHFaceRecognizer> __cdecl cv::face::createLBPHFaceRecognizer(int,int,int,int,double)" (?createLBPHFaceRecognizer@face@cv@@YA?AU?$Ptr@VLBPHFaceRecognizer@face@cv@@@2@HHHHN@Z)

I have added this in linker->input->Additional dependencies…


But still am getting this error pls help…

  • 3.0.0 is far too old to be useful. throw it away, and use current 4.5.3.
  • prebuilt opencv_world does not contain the face module
    (or any other from opencv_contrib !), that’s why you’re getting this linker error
  • you have to build from src with the opencv_contrib repo ,
    but again, please use recent code, not 3.0!

Hi thank you … I could make it… also wanted to ask one thing if you could help me with that…

I am trying to do this but the accuracy of output is pathetic… like it even reads my friends as me and me as someone else… any suggestions?

Thank you very much