Literature reference "HZ: (A6.14)" for Jacobian in calibration.cpp

I am interested in learning more about the details of the calibration implementation. I started reading and analyzing modules/calib/src/calibration.cpp (current 5.x branch), which is unfortunately not very verbosely commented, but in line 524 contains the following reference: “see HZ: (A6.14) for details on the structure of the Jacobian”.

I was not able to find out what work it referred to. Can anyone more knowledgeable please decrypt that abbreviated reference?

HZ is ofc:

hartley / zisserman : multiple view geometry in computer vision

(look at some uni sites, you might catch a free copy …)

Thank you very much for your speedy and helpful reply!

Do you think it would be sensible to spell the title out in the code as well, or is it so well known that everyone else just understood it? (I entered the vision field way after graduating with other topics, so I never encountered it before.)

i’d rather think so.
(it’s that fat one with multi-coloured eyes on it,
i’m sure, you’ve at least seen it before … )

well known ones:

  • hartley + zisserman
  • forsyth + ponce
  • szeliski (free drafts on his website)

if you want to expand those shorthand references in the code, feel free to submit a pull request. it doesn’t affect code itself so it should easily be accepted.

I would add:

Gonzalez / Woods (image processing)
Trucco / Verri (3D vision)
Olivier Faugeras (3D vision)

But maybe I’m revealing my age with those…