Next release date?

Hi, I help teachers and students use OpenCV in CS and engineering projects (we love OpenCV by the way!) There are a few hundred students that are starting to run into the issue with the handling of ‘value’ in cv2.createTrackbar in Python (#20408). If the next release is coming soon, they can just wait for the update, otherwise they’ll need to figure out another solution (easy for some, not for others). Any rough idea when that release will be? Thanks!!

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fix was a week too late for 4.5.3, unfortunately ;(

the “next” one ? all bets are on, mine being “christmas”

hmm, build master branch (which has the fix) from src ?
would you (as an “influencer”, hehe) be able to do this ?

I’m betting early to mid october. for the past 2-3 years it’s been quarterly releases (minor/patch), at the beginning of each quarter, except for Q1, which is a few weeks early so it’s around christmas.

the package on pypi follows that very closely now.

you can tell people to install opencv-python==4.5.2 for the specific version that is reported working in the issue… but that might cause other issues with highgui (caused by me back then).

I really appreciate your insight and help. Looks like uninstalling the new version and installing an older version will be the recommended fix for now. Thanks!