Optical centers changes with distortion factor

I have a question about optical centers changes with distortion factor…

When information received through multiple functions is put into “calibrateCameraCharucoExtended”

I didn’t understand that optical centers are changed according to flags.

I’m predicting that use default 5 distortion factors or use all 14 distortion factors have similar to optical center

However, the values of cx and cy have changed. and reprojection error is decrese.

I add the “CALIB_THIN_PRISM_MODEL” in flag, this phenomenon appears, but can I ignore it?

It’s a board that was made in the old version. I think it is a problem caused by a defect in charucoboard, but I want to save the data as much as possible. so I need an idea to get help with this.

img size is x: 4096 y: 3072

I tried to change the input image shape value, but the remaining values were messed up.


hello there, please post TEXT, not a useless image of it, thank you