Profiling OpenCV from Windows (x64) into Linux (ARMv7) using Intel VTune

Hi everyone,

According to this note (Profiling OpenCV Applications · opencv/opencv Wiki · GitHub), OpenCV support remote profiling using Intel VTune via Intel ITT.

I am already build OpenCV with ITT trace enable in my ARMv7 remote machine running Linux, and I am already setup password-less SSH since that is required by VTune.

But it’s give me error when VTune trying to install driver in a remote machine.

is remote machine with ARMv7 not supported in this case?

screenshot says it expects something in that directory.

what is in that directory?

that is installation directory on the remote machine,

After searching in several source, it’s look like the binary driver only supported for x86_64 / x86 architecture. (

Is there a software profiler that can be used to do a remote profiling OpenCV for Linux ARMv7 ?