Python script to identify and count hair follicles on a shaved scalp

I am making an app for my partner who is a doctor who does hair transplants. She will use the app to take photos of a patient’s shaved scalp just prior to surgery. The app will upload the image to a webservice and the webservice will count the follicles in the picture and overlay a heatmap to show the areas with the highest densities of follicles so she can harvest the follicles in greater numbers in that area.

I have additional plans beyond this, but the above is a good proof of concept to start with.

A bit about me, I’m an Aussie/Brit living in Brazil. I’m a DevOps so know my way around, technically so will hopefully have realistic expectations about what’s possible!

Anyone interested?

Happy to pay USD 80-100p/h

previous discussion for context:

Just FYI, this is a different requirement (slightly). I now want to photograph the follicles prior to the surgery. This feature may be added in the future.

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Hello I am also working on a similar problem statement what is your progress so far and could you please share your approach