Raspberry pi terminal suddenly quits when building opencv

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please post text as text, not a useless screenshot of it, thank you

your “video” is about three frames, and one looks like a glitch.

it’s not “quitting”, it’s working. raspberry pies aren’t terribly fast and OpenCV is a lot of work. especially the last linking step(s).

please clarify.

i try to install opencv and somewhere in the 100% mark. the terminal closes. i dont know what i did wrong.
my raspberry pi is a “Raspberry Pi 3 model B V1.2”

are you double-clicking that shell script, or do you start it from an existing terminal?

how much ram does the computer have, and when you monitor that, what do you see?

i double clicked the script and it gave me 2 options: execute or execute in terminal and i picked terminal.
it has 1gb of ram

that just opens the terminal (vs. not opening a terminal at all and just discarding stdout), but doesn’t keep it open.

open a terminal explicitly, then run that script from there.

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