[SOLVED] Change dominant colour of a palette

Let’s say I have a palette of n colours “byte palette[3*ncol]”.
I would like to change the dominant colour “impression” of this palette. For example, the overall impression of this palette is purple [200, 200, 30] and I would like that the overall impression of the palette to switch to orange [220, 130, 0].
Is there a way in OpenCV to perform this operation?

opencv does not use palettes at all

are you looking for colour transfer ?

First, thanks for your time.
OK, not problem to use cv::Mat rather than a palette. The interest of the palette was if I want to work only with a sub-selection of an image (not mandatory rectangular).
Anyway, I’m really interested in the example you provide. Let me be more specific.
To be really accurate, if I watch this video How To Change Color in Photoshop - YouTube , I would say that I would like to manually set a hue value to the overall palette… sorry, to the cv::Mat and then get the saturation and lightness from the original cv::Mat.

In fact, like if in Photoshop I press Ctrl+U and change the Hue value

OK I’ve found that windows - How can I change the hue of a certain area with OpenCV-Python - Stack Overflow
I think that’s what I would like to perform.
Thanks a lot for your time, your answer gave me some hints to find my solution .