Webcam on desktop opens very slow

This is a question just out of curiosity. I’m developing a camera app in Python for a Dell Windows 10 tablet PC. I’m doing the majority of the work on my Windows 10 desktop. I’m using the rear camera on the tablet. It opens with zero issues and the same goes for the front camera. Since I am writing the code on my desktop, I wanted to be able to do some basic testing before transferring the code to the tablet. I have a generic USB webcam, model: N5, no manufacturer name on it.

Using the camera app that comes with Windows I can verify the webcam works on the desktop. When I try my python app, the camera wasn’t opening after about 10 seconds so I stopped the program. Next, I connected the webcam to the tablet and it works just fine. It opens just as fast as the two built-in cameras.

I plugged the webcam back into my desktop. This time, I let it run and had a stopwatch running. It finally did open but took about 40 seconds.

Does anyone know why it opens instantly on the tablet PC but took 40 seconds on my desktop? Tablet is wireless networked, desktop is wired. Both are running Windows 10 (10.0.19045), Python 3.11.9, PyCharm 2024.1.2, and OpenCV 4.10.0.