What books do you recommend to start with Open CV?

Hello! I am starting with OpenCV and I would like to know about the books that have helped you to learn. I’m especially interested in everything related to camera pose and camera placement.
I have some knowledge of those matters and I would like to build it from scratch and learn new things.
I don’t care if the books talk about Python or C++, since I am interested above all in theoretical knowledge.

IDK what would have helped me. I had this as a course in university and then progressed with lots of cursing at the documentation, chasing references (OpenCV docs cite papers), googling, and figuring out which people to harass so more of this stuff is written down where it should have been written down.

the usual textbooks:

  • hartley and zisserman
  • forsyth and ponce
  • szeliski

these cover the math modeling the optics and the foundational image processing, and then onwards.

any books from “technical” publishers you can first assume are copy-paste junk written to scam newbies out of a few bucks. it’s hard to judge a book without knowing what should be in it, and if you know that, you don’t need the book anymore.

camera “placement” is deeply practical. I don’t think you’ll find practical advice in any textbook. maybe in a footnote, if the author is generous, or in an exercise for the reader.

perhaps just dive into doing. OpenCV docs may be rather uncurated (many cooks…) but they contain some good stuff (articles, examples) that goes beyond API docs.

or elaborate on your interests and maybe we can discuss specifics.

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I agree, these are the usual references in computer vision.
Please note that the Szeliski book is free.
See also the cited computer vision courses at the bottom of the Szeliski book page for complementary course materials.

See the Learning OpenCV 3, Adrian Kaehler, Gary Bradski if you want a book with both references to computer vision and the OpenCV library.

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that’s the one who started OpenCV, or something close to that, so he is probably trustworthy :wink: