Where could I get sha256 sum for opencv-4.3.0-vc14-vc15.exe file for Windows?

where could I get sha256 sum for opencv-4.3.0-vc14-vc15.exe ?
I need this older version for compatibility with deep learning Java package which uses this version

You can, of course, calculate it for any file:

My point is to calculate it and compare with its expected value to make sure that I have a genuine file. So I want to find out where I can get the expected one.
I see the expected SHA256 for the most recent releases, but not for 4.3.0

to my knowledge, that information is not calculated or published anywhere.

do you see a hash stated anywhere for the latest release?

just download what you need, assume it’s genuine, and use the hash you get on that file.

any place that could show you hashes can be compromised as easily as the files themselves.

On this page Releases · opencv/opencv · GitHub
there are sha256 for all releases down to 4.4.0. But for earlier releases, I do not see hashes there.
Nowadays everything can be easily compromised, still I feel a little bit safer when I compare checksum before executing it on my computer. Maybe someone still knows where are the checksums for earlier releases.

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