Where do I get opencv_createsamples?

I need opencv_createsamples to run this script, but I’ve read it is no longer in the main repo. Where am I supposed to grab a copy of this? do I have to build from the sources? if so, where can I find the source code and build instructions for this specific versions.
I’m using Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS in windows subsystem for linux.

this is for a reason.
20years later, cnn’s are far better at object detection,
also the whole code for it was written at 1.0, in a now defunkt c-api

yes, and you need to checkout the 3.4 branch, which still has that code

long story short :
seems you’re living under a rock, any chance we can talk you out of that idea ?

I can change to use something new without issue but I’m getting familiar with all this so I don’t know how this works. if I manage to figure out how to do the training to recognize new types of plates numbers, just like the python script I’ve linked is supposed to do, with new version of opencv, I would gladly replace. I’m also worried of use such old thing but that’s what I got by now, as I just explained…

wrt.your link

Latest commit 0dc3be7 on Oct 6, 2016

do you hear the bell ringing ?

Point me in the direction to rewrite this testing script… what should I use instead of opencv_createsamples? if you the overall steps to rewrite this whole scripts, would be tremendously useful

I’ll keep trying to gt createsamples by now in order to run that script (once I manage to use a new version I would gladly get out this). I read I could make it with new versions fine (here): so I did clone the opencv and ran:

# Create build directory
mkdir -p build && cd build
# Configure
cmake ../opencv
# Build
cmake --build .

but can’t find createsamples in the bin directory:

ls bin | grep createsamples # it's empty

what am I missing to build createsamples ?

update 2:

just switch to brach 3.4, did run the comamnds below and manage to get createsamples executable!