Algorithm Engineer (Senior)

Job Description:

  1. Advanced laser imaging equipment for semiconductor and special-shaped curved glass manufacturing, design graphics and image processing functions, and realize integrated applications;

  2. Continuous algorithm optimization, algorithm acceleration technology research and development;

3, Familiar with computer graphics, solve the problem of graphics processing technology involved in the use of equipment;

  1. Developed algorithms and application functions based on new customer requirements;

  2. Cooperate with software test engineer and process engineer to complete algorithm function, performance test and acceptance;

  3. Cooperated with FPGA engineers to improve the map segmentation algorithm.

Job requirements:

  1. Master degree or above, major in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Automation Control, Signal Processing or related is preferred;

  2. Familiar with common pattern recognition algorithms and template matching algorithms; Basic knowledge of visual application;

At least 2 years working experience in related industry;

Familiar with C/C++ language, familiar with OpenCV.

  1. Strong mathematical skills.

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Hi Zhian, this is Astrid, thanks for your posting.
I have been conducting research in the image processing field for quite some time, and I have experience developing several products, especially in the machine vision field.

In addition to OpenCV, I have been working on various image processing since the days of CxImage, and I have a lot of experience with OpenCV.

The main products are as follows:

  • Traffic detection and analysis system by image processing.
  • High-precision measurement system using GigE cameras.
  • Barcode, the two-dimensional code identification system.
  • Trademark Identification System.

The functions used are as follows.

  • Various basic image operations
  • Sample-based Object Detection
  • Deformable-Planar Object Detection
  • Template matching
  • and so on

It would be appreciated if you let us know your detailed requirements.