Photommetric Stereo, Gradient Removal, Tiling/Stitching Job offer


We are looking for a talented programmer with interest and great experience with files handling (folders, structures, metadata), image processing (formats, bit depths, adaptive local histogram equalization, gradient removal, raw image processing, compression, croping) and generally deeply with openCV, scikit-image.

We are developing fully automated fabric digitization based on cross polarized photometric stereo and have many core parts in-place already. We do have fully automated hardware for capture.
Software is taking raw camera files and turning it into fully tiled PBR material (albedo, normal, reflection etc.).

More keywords: image pattern recognition, image stitching, Physically Based Rendering

Please see attached images of application. Most of work is in the processes that are hidden (Photommetric Stereo, Gradient Removal, Tiling/Stitching). Please note we do have temporary solutions for these already too.

We do have brief and sample files to start exploration.

Thanks everybody!

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