Any performance difference between 4.55 vs 4.6?

I wonder if there is anyone who may have encountered any performance difference between the two versions either Python or C++ environment. Your insight is greatly appreciated.

please, be more explicit. you traced something ?

Apologize for the lack of clarity. There is no pressing issue here… We have setup an environment with opencv 4.6 in a machine where various apps which utilizes opencv will run on. I would like to keep the latest 4.6 on the server;, but some of these apps may have only tested with 4.55. Before I decide if we should add in 4.55 or switch to it, just want to see if I may gain any insight from experienced folks.

I’d assume that anything “traditional” won’t have been touched at all, and anything “new” (like DNN, G-API, …) might have received improvements, but not have regressed in quality or execution speed.

I don’t have numbers though.

OpenCV comes with some performance tests, if you build them yourself. you could run those.

perhaps these tests are also run by OpenCV’s own CI/CD and maybe the results (log files) can be found somewhere.

thank you very much for the direction. I’ll do.

You can also directly see the code diff on Github: Comparing 4.5.5...4.6.0 · opencv/opencv · GitHub