Color detection and lighting changes

Are there reliable programs for color detection that can withstand lighting changes? I don’t want to constantly recallibrate, I am considering machine learning but i would rather not.

depends on the data. what can you show?

My robot is a competitive autonomous footbal robot. It should be able to detect an orange golfball, and one blue and one yellow goal.
a video of how the matches look like:

understand reflection. glossy objects reflect light sources. those reflections are so bright, they look white. no color there. matte objects don’t do that. prefer matte objects. glossy objects can be dealt with though.

understand light. light sources emit light in a spectrum. objects reflect that light. the reflection spectrum and incident light spectrum are multiplied. light has a “color”. direct sun is blueish, incandescent light is more red/yellow. sky is blue but negligible because it’s darker than sun and even clouds. the color of a light source affects what an object looks like.

understand white balance. this adjusts the image for color temperature, such that the light source looks white, as do all objects that reflect the spectrum uniformly. random webcams may be adjusting this constantly. did you notice?

I see no issues so far. the colors you stated are nicely distinguishable.

nor do I see anything debuggable.

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