New and looking to weed plants

Hi All

I’ve just discovered computer vision and think I see some amazing opportunities for my business. I’m downloading the software and I’ve poured a cup of coffee to go read the tutorials.

I thought I’d ask if this might be right for me. I’m a farmer and I would like to build a weeder to go on my tractor. When my row crops are about 2inch tall I’d like to drive down them with a hoe and I’d like the hoe to weave inbetween them. So my tractor already drives in a straigh line with sub inch accuracy as I have RTK GPS autosteer. My broccoli could be an inch apart, and I’d like to weave in and out. I’m thinking a hydralic motor (located above the plant pointed down) attached to a cam/offset knife (maybe 3inch offset), and solenoids that will rotate clockwise/anticlockwise in or out as I drive forward.

I think my plan is to learn about line tracking to teach the hoe to travel the line of broccoli, and object avoidance to make it avoid the broccol. Therefore the hoe should travel only in the soil around the broccoli

I’m pretty good with a welder and lathe/mill, so this should be exciting.

I’m sure there’s an existing user working on this, so I hope that this is the community for me. Spring is about three months away so it’ll be interesting to see what I can achieve. Would love to hear feedback from you all.

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Sure. Nothing wrong with having a chat.

I’ve got a busy few days but should be able to manage tonight or some time next week. My time zone is Christchurch New Zealand

8am might be a bit tricky. Kids have to be at school by nine. Hows 10am Tuesday?

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