Patching test data in pull request

I have made a pull request in the opevcv repository and there is a new test data that is also a separate pr to opencv_extra. However, the test fails for different builds since the test data that I added isn’t present in the opencv_extra repository? What changes should be done to get the test passed in the pr.

Nice new contributor :slight_smile:

try something like this Add Ptr KNearest::load and python binding by LaurentBerger · Pull Request #14332 · opencv/opencv · GitHub

" Merge with extra: add data for PR 14332 by LaurentBerger · Pull Request #597 · opencv/opencv_extra · GitHub"
of course with your pr ref for opencv_extra
" Merge with extra :Added Darknet Tanh Test Data by aryanshomray · Pull Request #847 · opencv/opencv_extra · GitHub"