Which cameras are compatible with OpenCV?

Could you please suggest compatible with opencv at reasonable price in Amazon?

Like…any webcam?

(buy a Logitech one, the noname webcams can be crappy)

not sure what’s hot today, but I can tell you that the logitech C270 has nearly the same focal length (in pixels) as the C920, and it’s sharper and less noisy than the C920 too, even accounting for the sharpening filter setting. I own both and compared them (c920 bought around 2014, c270 around 2015). that means the pricier one’s (c920) only advantages are wider field of view and servo focus, which is only useful for macro focus. of the two, I prefer the C270 for vision tasks.

“reasonable” is a matter of personal perspective. if you hadn’t said “Amazon”, I’d have recommended calling up all the manufacturers of industrial cameras. they run on USB 3 and you can imagine what better data rates get you. these things come in 4K or more resolution, higher max frame rates, control over basically every aspect of image formation. and you get to agonize over the type of lens. such a setup would easily cost three figures though. they never just put prices up on their websites. you gotta contact them and confess your situation so they know how much they can charge you.